About Cws and Cws's team


CelSius WS is born from a smaller project, a python webserver, named CelSius web server. At the beginning, it was intended to be easy to use instead of fast. I soon developped a little scripting language to make dynamic pages. It was something like this: <#--include:footer.html--#> and it was already name CelSius web Script. I first wrote it in python, but for reason performances, I switched to C++.
But it wasn't pleasant to use, because for each instructions you had to open and close a tag like seen before.
So my brother suggested to make one tag to open, many insctuctions, and one tag to close. I did it, and I started developping a complete interpreted language.
Now I have to gather a whole team to develop it a better way.

The team

- Antoine_935 (me, main developper)
- K20 (tester) Visit his website : PortFolio and a huge smileys database
- Fantome (doc reviewer)